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The question is do words have power? Do “positive confessions” have a positive impact on our life and do “negative confessions” adversely impact our life?

What do the proponents of this belief say:

  • Words have a supernatural power. And that we need to be careful about the words we speak because they have an impact in the Spirit realm, and that they can help or hinder God’s purposes for our lives.
  • Words are closely connected with faith and words activate the “faith-force”
  • Because God spoke the world in to existence and that since we are made in the image and likeness of God our words carry power too.
  • We can make things happen with our “Word of Faith”.
  • Positively confessing our leads to prosperity, while saying things like “I’m sick or I don’t know how I am going to face this situation” will cause those negative things to befall us.

Most people who believe in positive and negative confessions would agree with all or most of the above statements.

The problem is that these statements are in no way Biblical and have so scriptural support whatsover. The only way to support this belief is bad biblical exegesis by taking scripture out of context and without looking at the entire biblical narrative as a whole.

In the coming blog posts we shall look at the origins of this heretical teaching. We shall also look at what the bible has to say in this matter.