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There is no doubt we live in a fallen world. Even it wasn’t so clear in scripture (Romans 1 to 3), we could see it all around. Just opening our eyes and ears to see and hear the current cultural trends would be enough to see the depravity of our fallen hearts.

What would have been considered pornography just decades ago is not proudly displayed in television shows and magazines for all to see. The media (music, movies, television and internet) has become so pervasive, that we can hardly escape it. We are bombarded with information every waking hour of the day.

So how to we engage with the broader culture around us. Two popular answers are:

  • Accept Everything:

We follow the popular culture at large. Consuming the media and message without question. Essentially being one of the crowd.

  • Reject Everything:

By confusing the message with the medium we reject everything just because it is carried in a particular format that we don’t fully understand. A classic example would be rock music in the 80’s. Christians reacted to the message that was being sent out through rock music, by entirely boycotting the genre. Thats akin to throwing the baby with the bathwater.

My suggestion to cultural engagement would be to use our God given wisdom to selectively accept or reject.

I could use food as an analogy. Lets say I had the bad experience eating pizza. Do I reject all pizza as bad? Or am I careful where I eat pizza from then on? So instead of rejecting the medium, lets look at the message before we reject or accept.