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Its hard to account for the pain and suffering that happens in life. The ‘problem of evil’ has been one of the most commonly used objections by atheists to deny the existence of a Benevolent and Omnipotent God.

So how do we as Christians account for the ‘problem of Evil’.


As finite human beings we simply do not have the capability to view things from a perspective larger than ourselves. We are consumed with our own little world, lost in our own pain and suffering that we are blind to everything that goes around; short sighted to see that a seed must first be buried under the sand for it to grow.

Ravi Zacharias uses the analogy of life as a grand mural and God as the Master Weaver. What we see is just a part of a Grand Design. Looking at a small part of a design as it is being created might seem to be without meaning or purpose. But behind each moment of the Master Weavers hand, there is purpose and beauty. Each and every weave and stroke is moving towards the Grand Design. All of us are threads and brush strokes in the hand of the Master.

As Paul so eloquently writes to the Church of Corinth (1 Corinthians 13), we see in part, as though through a mirror, darkly. But the day will come when we will know as we have been known, fully and completely. We will see pain and suffering as but threads that have all worked together to create a beautiful masterpiece. Our faith will be vindicated. We will then know that there is no purposelessness or randomness. When we see the Grand Design through the viewpoint of Eternity everything will make sense.

Christian, know this and know this well. Nothing happens apart from the absolute Sovereignty of God. He rules everything from the tiniest atom to the largest galaxy. When life seems random, know this. There are no accidents. God is in control of each and every aspect of your life. There might be times where we cannot hope to explain away pain and suffering, but know this: one day it will all make sense. You might not always get answers on this side of eternity. But trust Him. He who formed you in your mothers womb, still holds you. Look to Him in your sorrow. In the depth of your despair cry to Him; He will answer.

for the people of God, this Earth will be closest to Hell we will ever get to

The worst suffering will last only a lifetime. This lifetime. Paul when confronted with pain and suffering in the early church, comforts the church by reminding them of the fact that for the people of God, this Earth will be closest to Hell we will ever get to. He reminds them that “this light momentary affliction” is not worthy to be compared to the Glory that awaits us. (2 Corinthians 4:17, Romans 8:18).

Remember eternity. Hold on to Christ our blessed Hope.