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Whats happened to the life we livin?
We’re running behind darkness like all is forgiven?
Yes it has been, if the old man is a ‘has been’,
If the new man’s happening, why do we keep trespassin?
Not under the law, but under Grace,
grace is not just a word to save our face.
Through Christ our Lord all our sins are ‘has beens’,
But do we take this grace for granted?
Our knowledge of Grace is sub standard.

Its something a we know through the grace of God,
Feel it and know it inside our heart,
You can hear a pastor preach or a teacher teach,
Grace comes to us where a mans voice can’t reach,
Its God coming to save us, in the person and work of Christ Jesus.
Still we are all dying of thirst,
God fills us and gives us new birth.
Nothing can fill you in all the earth
If you lose your soul whats then whats it worth?

God has saved us, now we are living,
If we are saved why do we keep sinning?
The old man is alive and kicking,
Instead of feeding the heart what are we injecting?
Searching the scripture for our minds renewal
Or looking to follow the crowd for mans approval?
Are we in denial of the truth or in denial of the flesh?
Take up the cross and following Christ, we must progress,
We need a Holy intervention to stop sin’s occupation.