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We as Christians sometimes feel the pressure to be show ourselves as perfect and sinless to the world. Everyone has fallen in to that trap. I know I have. If we are honest with ourselves, we are not perfect, not even close. The apostle Paul called himself the worst of sinners. This portrayal of a perfect Christian life is a stumbling block to many Christians. Recently, I had a friend who was reluctant to talk about certain struggles in his life. I inferred that he was ashamed that he was going through this, and if he was a “good Christian” he wouldn’t have to go through this. I reminded him that no one is perfect. I was a mess when Christ found me, I wasn’t cleaned up overnight, and I’m sure that the He wouldn’t be finished with me till the day I die.

We all need brothers and sisters in Christ to help us and hold us up in times of struggle and doubt. God is not finished working with us. Anything that is a “work in progress” is bound to have a few bumps, but rest assured we are being made perfect after the image of Christ. We will reach Heaven. He who began a good work in us WILL bring it to completion.

In the meantime let us not mask our struggles and put on a brave face. God doesn’t require that. Let us support our brothers and sisters and walk with them without judgement. Lets be a bit more honest about ourselves, shall we? For our sake and other.