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Storm tossed and afflicted, caught in the barren sea,
Am I doing wrong or is this where I should be,
The night is dark and waves are high,
Cold and haunted like a love that’s been denied.

Can I trust what I see or do I believe what I know to be,
Hope trusts not in the moment but for things yet unseen.
The sun goes down and darkness descends every night,
Yet we hope for the morning that brings new light.

You are the anchor of my soul,
An everlasting hope in a life made whole.
An anchor that is sure and steadfast,
This joy and peace is built to last.

You calm the storm and still the water,
I’ll follow you even if I’ll be a martyr,
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
I’ll close my eyes and watch your throne.

The winds and the waves besiege and gather,
Tossed and turned but our hope is still stronger.
The clouds break and we see the distant land,
Forever we are guided by your gentle hand.