I am a blogger by accident. I’ve always liked words. But I never wanted to write.

1.  Gives me clarity:

I usually write about things that have been on my mind lately. Something that has been simmering in my mind for sometime. Writing/blogging helps me to make sense of all the different things floating around in my head. There is a coherent flow that comes once I start putting my thoughts in to words. Its like spring cleaning my mind. Only the useful stuff makes it to the post, so it makes me figure out what is worth it in the first place.

2. Record for later reflection:

If you’re like me you’re constantly thinking. Sometimes the same issue presents itself and the solution is lost in a self created mess of introspection. It helps to keep a records of what I’ve been thinking. Coming back and reading it helps to reorganize my thoughts.

3. I love writing:

I’ve always had a fascination for the written word. As far back as I can remember I’ve have always been excited about books. There is something subtly sublime about how a book creates an almost magical bridge between the mind of the author and the mind of the reader. The only limit is the imagination of the reader.

Blogging is my way of reaching out and giving people the chance to share my mind and enter my mind-scape. I haven’t written anything for quite a while now, but I am itching to get back in to it.