What is the Gospel?

We all know “Gospel” means “good news”. Christians have heard and used the word so many times that we have sometimes lost the depth of the meaning of the word. Its interesting, that only when everything is bad, we search for the good. Only when we are surrounded by darkness do we search for the light. Recently I was thinking on the what the Gospel is and what it means to me.


It starts and ends with Him. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is God coming as a man, and doing what man was unable and incapable of doing. God entering human history and and living, breathing and dying as man for us, thus giving life to a people who were dead. Him, sacrificing Himself so that we could live. The substitutionary atonement of Christ, stands at the center of the Gospel. The cross of Christ is where God’s righteous judgement and His abundant mercy collide. He took it upon Himself to bear our burden of sin.

It is also a message of hope and love. God hasn’t forsaken us. He loved us to the point of His death. Even when we were rebellious, unworthy and undeserving He died for us. He did it. He had accomplished all things without me doing anything. And I know what He has started He will bring it to a fruitful end.

To me, the Gospel is a message of Hope. As it has been since the beginning, our loving Father is there for us. He saved me when I couldn’t save myself. And He continues to do so every single day. When we are weak we, are strong in Him. Even in our darkest moments He becomes the brightest light. When all else fails, when everyone has left you, when there is no hope left in anything else, He is still there. Our loving Father gazing at us. Only in the emptiness of our life do we really, deeply and clearly see the most precious and valuable and only eternal thing.

Hope. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. GOD. Watch for Him. Seek Him. You will find Him.

I have. Everyday though there is hopelessness all around me I still see Hope. When all else has failed I see One who has never failed. When there are enemies all around me I see One who has always been my friend. My Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

Hope. Faith. Assurance. Salvation. No wonder its called “Good News”. Deep down, thats enough for me.